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Wrinkle reduction treatments & solutions

One of the top reasons that consumers turn to cosmetic procedures is because they want to look as young as they feel or because they want to look better for their age, according to a recent survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS). The most common sign of aging for men and women alike is the formation of rhytides and wrinkles—it’s no surprise then that wrinkle reduction continues to be among the most popular treatments in today’s aesthetic market.

Skeily beauty offers a variety of different devices that provide non-invasive wrinkle reduction for all skin types with no downtime. From entry-level systems to more advanced, multi-treatment platforms, we have something that will fit the needs of your business while enabling a high ROI. 

Wrinkle Reduction systems

Fractional CO2 Laser Machine​ AL 60B
Fractional CO2 Laser All thanks to the super fast and accurate scanner, results are ready in few minutes.


  • Enhancing skin tone and texture through skin resurfacing
  • Reducing the effects of the sun and aging on the skin
  • Reducing the effects of the sun and aging on the skin
  • Smoothing out Stretch Marks, Scars & Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Skin Resurfacing
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ND YAG Laser OPT-EJRH IPL RF Multifunction Machine​

combines three unique, highly effective technologies in one workstation for true versatility.


  • Bipolar RF for wrinkles removal, face lifting, skin tightening, etc.
  • ND YAG LASER Suitable for kinds of tattoo removal, freckles, age spots, hormonal pigments, birthmark, and sunburns
  • IPL is used for freckles removal, hair removal, vascular and acne removal.

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